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Red Bird Entertainment is devoted to bringing back the girl-group sound you've always loved! The company's newest release, "Girl Group Gems," is now available.

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Founder John Grecco has spent his career in music. He has worked in licensing for BMI, dealing with licenses for TV, radio, concerts (for artists like Bon Jovi, the Eagles and Barbra Streisand) and more. John was heard on WBJB-FM for several years as a floating DJ for both current music and oldies shows.

Recently, John served as a consultant to the A&E "Biography" special, "Hitmakers: The Teens Who Stole Pop Music," providing information, research, and memorabilia.

Serving as director of Red Bird Entertainment keeps him busy these days. Red Bird has managed several notable bands in the New York area over the past several years. Prior to "Girl Group Gems" was the company's most recent CD release, The Delcos, a four-song EP featuring the doo-wop group of the early 1960s.

The company's latest release, Girl Group Gems required numerous hours searching for old, forgotten songs, and finding the original tapes of the recordings, but this was a labor of love--John's private vinyl collection totals more than 3,000 disks.

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Girl Group Gems
Soul to Surf Rarities

This heralded CD is now available online!
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Because of You by Erlene & Her Girlfriends.
(Hammerstein, Wilkinson) Julian Stearns Arena Music, Inc. ASCAP

Dream World by Donna Loren.(Joy Kennedy) Acuff Rose Music BMI

Cryin' On My Pillow by Dorothy Berry.(David Gates) Kipa Hulu Music BMI

He's My Boyfriend by Kriss Anderson.(Tom DeCillis, Richard Layton) Ramblin' Music Corp./Embassy Music Corp. BMI

Better Be Ready by Annette.(Guy Hemric, Jerry Styner) Donna Dijon Music Publications BMI

He's a Big Deal by Renee Medina.(Dave Burgess USA 1, Nancie Mantz) Acuff Rose Music (AR Song), CMinor Music BMI

You're So Fine by Dorothy Berry.(Lance Finnie, Willie Scholfield) C and B West Publishing Co. BMI

Donna Loren! Muscle Bustle by Donna Loren.(R. Christian, G.Usher, B. Wilson) Donna Dijon Music Publications BMI

The Perfect Boy by Annette.(Guy Hemric, Jerry Styner) Donna Dijon Music Publications BMI

Big Talkin' Jim by The Blossoms.(Dave Burgess USA 1) C Minor Music BMI

Cassanova by Erlene & Her Girlfriends.(E. Naudein, H. Tash, G. Weston) Tash Music BMI

Little Bit of Soap by Yvonne Carroll.(Bert Russell) Sloopy II Music, Sony/ATV Songs LLC BMI

Hard To Get by The Blossoms.(Dave Burgess USA 1, Jerry Fuller) Acuff Rose Music, CMinor Music BMI

Cross My Heart by Yvonne & The Violets.(James Peterson) Embassy Music Corp., BMI

I Gotta Tell It by The Blossoms.(Johnny Otis, Elroy Peace) Fort Knox Music Inc. Trio Music Inc. BMI

What others have said about the CD...

"This CD breaks the mold, offering 15 fab tracks that give the traditional girl-group sound for the new fan, but also aren't likely to be in the hands of the long-time collector...Thank goodness that CDs, unlike the vinyl of days past, don't wear out with repeated playings." -- Chuck Mallory, editor, Girl-Groups.com

"Girl Group Gems showcases the best of '60s girl group talent. In this CD, cut after cut of rich, fresh-sounding refrains are guaranteed to keep the most ardent girl group fan happy." -- John Clemente, author of Girl Groups: Fabulous Females that Rocked the World.

Donna Loren and Dick DaleThe 'Dr Pepper Girl,' Donna Loren, teamed up with famous guitarist Dick Dale for some fab beach tunes.

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